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Excellent landscaping services in northern Wisconsin

Complete design and installation services

Our gardens are designed to reflect and complement their surroundings, and common feedback from our customers is that after a short while, the garden looks like it has always been there. That is no accident! We work hard to provide landscaping services that will exceed your expectations.

We specialize in all kinds of installations, including: retaining walls, walkways, patios, trees, shrubs and perennials, seeded and sodded lawns. We can build sprinkler systems, provide driveway landscaping, shoreline riprap, set stone and wood mulch around your shrubs and design flower gardens. 

We create beautiful landscapes and even bird sanctuaries that will be enjoyed for years to come. In fact we provide all types of landscaping services for both commercial and residential clients. Our team loves what we do, and it shows!


Our landscaping services around northern Wisconsin can be seen by all, and we have years of experience working with local businesses to beautify their properties so that customers and clients will be greeted with a beautiful, natural welcome.

Whether it's a new fountain for a public park, trees for nature strips, or selecting the right lawn turf for recreational areas, we have the experience to create the look and feel you desire. Call us today for more information!
Landscaping services for a hotel garden in Rhinelander, WI
Landscaping services for a garden in Rhinelander, WI


Thanks to countless television shows, these days more people than ever want to try their hand at landscape gardening. For this reason we can either offer designs for the do-it-yourselfer, or more commonly make a complete design and install package.

Our landscaping services take into account a variety of factors so that we can create a landscaped yard custom designed to suit you, your lifestyle and the natural terrain of your property. Call us for a free estimate.


Once we've finished with our landscaping services, there's nobody better to maintain your new landscape than Steinmetz Landscape Design. We offer year-round maintenance packages for total service, including:
  • Mowing & trimming lawns
  • Fertilizing
  • Shrub trimming
  • Weeding lawns & gardens
  • Spring & fall cleanups
Call us in Rhinelander today for more information!
A lawnmower used for landscaping services in Rhinelander, WI

Other Services

Our expertise doesn't just focus on landscape maintenance. We strive to offer the best when it comes to irrigation systems installation. We will have a consultation with you to see what you'd like done and, keeping the scope of the project in mind at all times, we'll make sure we deliver. We have experience with installing irrigation systems for both small and big projects. 

Whether you just need a sprinkler system installed on your front lawn or a complex project for your acre-wide farm, a round-the-house white fence or a fence design that would keep cattle within boundaries, give us a call and let's have a chat!
Beautiful gardens are only a call away! (715) 365-0300
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